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Witch Doctor

Natural Healing

Welcome. I'm Jess, your local Witch Doctor. I would like to offer you a few potions that contain 100% pure CBD isolate made from organically grown hemp from a little farm in Colorado, boiled and whisked with various essential oils and other gifts from the Earth to offer a plant based approach to healing, from the outside in.  
Everything you see here is also available at Mountain Yoga Studio in Susanville and Artisan Coffee Shop in Janesville.
  Check out the products & feel free to reach out with any questions.
From my heart to yours.

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Ayurveda Blog

Witch Doctor CBD facial toner and oil has been soooo good for my skin! My skin drinks it in - I feel and smell so wonderful! I especially love how soft my face feels in the morning after soaking in the magic overnight. The fine lines around my eyes have diminished after just two weeks of using the oil. Thank you Witch Doctor!

Chrissy Vance

 Thank you so much Witch Doctor! Your salve gets rid of my restless leg syndrome and works on my muscle cramping and any other “sore” spots I have on my body. I LOVE your bath scrub! I use it almost every day and it helps me sleep so much better and leaves my body feeling so smooth. I also am very picky about my chapstick. I would only use Carmex until the Witch Doctor produced one I like even better! All of your products are wonderful smelling and work so well. What a relief to know that I have a jar at my fingertips to get me through the pain of getting older.

Sue Cenotti

Witch Doctor
Natural Healing 


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Witch Doctor Disclaimer:
By purchasing these products and accepting  these gifts from the EArth, the buyer takes full responsibility for any results incured.