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My Story

I believe that this business found me. In a time in my life where I required a great deal of healing, I began a quest for peace in body, mind and spirit. I wanted to feel connected and I wanted to stop using bandaids to treat a problem without finding the root.  In my journey, I have acquired some knowledge in many different holistic health approaches, predominantly one's that involve the use of plants, and that, when time allows, I would also like to share with you. For now, let's begin with my CBD topical product line.
The original salve was brewed up by my father in his kitchen on no extraordinary afternoon. Although the details of the handoff of the business escapes my memory, I believe it went something like this......My father's friend came over and in a conversation about the benefits of CBD tincture, his friend asked if he knew how to make it a lotion. I overheard this endeavor to make a CBD lotion and started to hover, offering tips, ideas, intrigued by the idea that with our combined knowledge, we could actually make something that could help ease physical discomforts. I probably started getting excited, as that's a very typical trait of mine. And as we started playing with the recipe and letting folks use it, it became very clear that we had something that was truly helping people. Thinking of everyone who has helped me on this journey to overall wellness; it has only felt natural that this door has opened for me to do the same in return. And why I continued after the first kitchen experiment to do my due diligence to offer you what I feel is the very best product produced using the best practices and one that you can trust. 
I would like to honor my father and mother as collaborators in the first salve and for graciously passing along this concept to me to offer it to all of you. This has been quite the serendipitous adventure and one that I hope brings health, healing and love. Namaste.