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 PAin Relieving Salve

 Use this healing cream on, literally, anything that feels uncomfortable. The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits of CBD paired with carefully selected essential oils bring you a versatile, take everywhere, product.
Benefits and uses include: pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-anxiety, promotes sleep, eases respiratory conditions, promotes a healthy digestive system, calms itching, mood boosting and purifying


Detoxifying Salt Scrub

The trinity of detox: epsom salt, dead sea salt, and activated charcoal, spiced up with the scent of fresh grapefruit and wild juniper and immersed in a blend beautifying oils. Best. bath. ever.
Benefits: Pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant, promotes healthy, vibrant skin, hydrating, detoxifying, refreshing, aids sleep, stress relieving, boosts blood flow and relaxes the nervous system 


Lip Balm

CBD lip balm? Yes. And it has been known to elevate mood, ease anxiety, moisturize and soothe dry lips, aid in healthy digestion and protect against the elements. With a fragrance that is reminiscent of enjoying a slice of spiced cake in grandma's garden, it earns the label, favorite chapstick.


Facial Toner

The facial toner that will make you start using facial toner. Specially adapted for those with oily or acne prone skin. It gently removes all oil and residue left behind after cleansing, while restoring your skins PH balance and shrinking pores. Witch hazel, rose water, CBD isolate and the perfect combination of essential oils shaken and stirred to bring you this acne fighting, age defying toner that leaves your skin refreshed, moisturized and protected. This may be the missing piece in your skin care regime. 


Facial Serum

Treat your skin right with this facial serum that uses only oils to ensure a clean, bright complexion. Deeply moisturizing and radiance inducing. This oil speeds the production of new cells, fights signs of aging, promotes a smooth & subtle complexion, may reduce the appearance of scarring, reduces the appearance of acne and helps prevent future breakouts.